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Storage Premium

Network adapters and drivers for Windows Server 2022 and later are awarded the “Storage Premium” Additional Qualification if they include the following Features; All those Features mandated for base Certification; Bandwidth of 100Mb/sec or greater, supports at least 32Multicast Addresses, correctly displays its Advanced Properties, works with packets on any boundary, has at least equal support for both IPv4 and IPv6, correctly responds to all NDIS calls, complies with all the NDS Requirements, supports packet filtering, does not disturb other operating system services, supports VLAN, supports padding of short packets, and complies with all the specifications for iEEE 802.3. In addition, the adapter and driver also support; 10Gb/sec testing, Checksum Offload, Large Send Offload, and Receive Side Scaling, Datacenter Bridging, Kernel RDMA, Hardware-based Timestamping, UDP Segment Offloading and more rigorous testing.
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