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Test Application Compatibility Readiness.
Our highly automated "Works with" tool is an industry-standard test utility that defines application compatibility on Windows Server 2008. Walk an application through its lifecycle, with the tool running in the background, and then create a detailed report on the application's performance against specific technical requirements. You'll know exactly how the application performs in about two to four hours, depending on application complexity. Best of all, it's free - and it will give you the info you need today to plan deployments for tomorrow.

    "Works with" Tool
  • This highly-automated tool will help you quickly determine baseline compatibility with Windows Server 2008

  • System State Analyzer Tool
  • Create two snapshots of fixed drives, registry settings, drivers, and services at different points in time and compare them to view differences.

  • Works with Windows Server 2008 Specifications
  • Technical specification outlining requirements that allow server applications to receive the Works with Windows Server 2008 designation.

  • Works with Windows Server 2008 Test Framework
  • Includes detailed information for technical managers and testers preparing software applications for the Works with Windows Server 2008 program verification tests.

Identify Top-Performing Applications.

Building on the 20 "Works with" test cases for application compatibility, Windows Server 2008 Software Certification includes an additional 80 test cases covering security, availability, reliability, stability and Windows fundamentals. The same tool our authorized test vendors use to certify products, our Certification test tool is an excellent resource for testing mission critical, line of business applications. Testing takes about three to five days, depending upon application complexity.

Research Tested Products.
The Windows Server Catalog is your resource for applications, hardware devices and systems that have passed technical standards on the Windows Server platform. Keep checking the catalog and marketplace for the latest news on independently tested and certified solutions.

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