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Server Virtualization Validation Program

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Microsoft Application Support Policy

The information provided by the Microsoft Application Support Policy is for guidance purposes only. Please visit the Products listing to review the latest information available

Program Participation Requirements

Prerequisite Agreements
A vendor that wishes to participate in SVVP must have:

  • a code signing certificate at the Extended Validation (EV) level for package submissions
  • an account with the Microsoft Submission Portal organization
  • signed the Logo Test agreement
  • membership in the TSANet Mission Critical Community that provides 24/7 collaboration

Program Agreement
A vendor who provides a virtualization solution must also sign the Server Virtualization Validation Program agreement. In the agreement the vendors agrees to run, submit and pass the validation suite and continue to follow the requirements of the program (particularly in terms of updates and the support they provide customers).

An agreement is necessary to provide customers who buy third-party solutions with the expectation that they will receive on-going access to support for Windows and the virtualization software. The agreement commits the virtualization vendor to continuing testing of their solutions as they release new versions of their machine virtualization software, as well as when Microsoft makes new releases.

The costs associated with the program include membership in TSANet as described below. There is no other cost for a vendor to participate in the SVVP program.

TSANet membership and support must be at a level that provides 24x365 Collaboration and Service Levels commensurate with the fact that virtual machines hosting Windows Server may be business critical, mission critical or even life critical. This allows the participating vendor to work not only with Microsoft, but many other vendors that may need to be engaged to resolve a Windows Server Customer issue.

Validation Suite
The validation suite is designed to exercise virtualization products in the same way that hardware server systems are, using many of the same tests. This provides confidence that the Windows Server operating system, as well as applications, will function correctly in the virtualized environment.

Please Contact the Server Virtualization Validation Program Feedback and Questions team at for more information on how to join.